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Dialysis Unit at Nawinna Medicare

Dialysis Unit at Nawinna Medicare

Nawinna Medicare Private Hospital , committed to the provision of the state of the art health solutions that emanate from the international standards, was recently occupied with unveiling their unit for the services related with Dialysis along with the hearty wishes from the gathered leading specialists and honored guests in a celebrating climate. Blood purification which is a remedial advancement to secure life of patients with critical kidneys is also an inspiring exit into a hopeful survival till the kidney is replaced in the due course.

The internalization of "The Singapore Clinic”, well-known for their secured Dialysis activities, by the management of Nawinna Medicare has paved the way for the establishment of this new Dialysis unit at Nawinna Medicare Hospital.

The Nawinna Medicare Hospitals dialysis unit  provides modern and high standards health care service in Sri Lanka for dialysis patients. The central facilities will introduce leading technologies, employing the services of highly experienced professionals.

The treatment involves clearing toxins and water from the blood of the patient. It is generally recommended that most patients can be reach the optimal clearance levels by following dialysis three times a week, with each session taking four to five hours.

The unit’s  philosophy is to provide the most convenient and reliable services in Sri Lanka, by providing the highest quality of care and ensuring the best possible treatment outcomes for the patients.

There is a strong emphasis on comfort and privacy as each patient are provided with a luxury chair. A patient may wish to sleep or use the entertainment system. All necessary pathology testing and medication management are conducted by the Hospital in consultation with renal specialists and are  complimented by provided counseling by staff of the Hospital to the patients and their families,

Our vision is to be recognised as the leader in providing highest quality, holistic and individual patient care; and therefore become the partner of choice for patients and health professionals.
We are founded on three core principles:

  • Quality - We follow global best practices, have the highest infection control standards and incorporate the latest research into all of our treatments, supported by continuous education and training of our staff. Our facilities use leading technologies, are managed by a highly experienced blend of international and locally trained professionals and are designed to provide a tranquil and relaxing environment for all.
  • Integrity - We firmly believe in always following both the highest professional standards as well as health & safety standards whilst delivering the best patient care and ensuring we are sensitive to the individual needs and beliefs of our patients.
  • Personalised - Each patient is unique and therefore their optimal treatment plan will be equally unique. We believe in educating our patients, their families and carers, and working with our patients to choose the optimal approach which fits their medical condition, lifestyle and individual circumstances



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